Lake Cleanup Projects

There are endless possibilities for volunteers from business groups or communities to lend a hand with everything from picking up trash to removal of invasive species.

Contact us if you are interested in "getting dirty"

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Storm Chasers

Heavy rain events and spring runoff are not only major threats to our waterways, but a tell tale sign of problems areas we could be helping to improve. We need folks that will explore streams and lakes where water or soil is running into the system. We will be looking for water samples, pictures and video of the area so we can identify the issue and craft a solution that makes sense for both the landowner and the environment.

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Water Quality Monitoring

There is a water quality monitoring program in place for the Oconomowoc River Watershed and various volunteer spots throughout Lake Country. CWA will be training additional volunteers to take water samples, clarity readings and temperature at various locations to fill the gaps not covered by the current programs. We will also be monitoring beach water quality. 

All of the info is placed in a central data base that can analyze and detect areas of concern within the watershed, providing a targeted approach to conservation strategies.

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they will never sit in.

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